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Influential Women in the Workplace

We tip our hats to local women who are making a difference in their community

Written by Healthy Magazine

Role model: Angela Martindale

Hometown: | Holladay, Utah | Profession: Fitness Expert, owner of Transform

Why she’s an action figure:

Angela Martindale, International Fitness Professional, Celebrity Trainer and owner of Transform is making a difference in Utah. She believes that every person has the ability to make healthy choices and changes in their daily lives. The multi-faceted, world traveler Martindale is known for her incredible fresh organic meal service, delivered right to your door. Her workouts and lifestyle coaching get huge results and her confidence and inspirational achievements has Named her Utah's Top trainer for 2010. She is a role model for both men and woman today in the world of fitness and nutrition. She made her way back to her Utah roots to teach Utahns how to keep their lives centered in a chaotic world, through mindful, healthy habits. "If you eat healthy and think healthy, then you ARE healthy" says Martindale..

How she’s making Her Mark:

Even with a full schedule Martindale finds time to give back to the community through volunteer work, being a spokesperson for Hope foundation and an advocate for Utah's Own and Local First Utah. Martindale believes self esteem is an essential ingredient in creating whole body wellness. She teaches young adults through empowerment esteem seminars, gives life coaching, cooking and nutrition classes and dedicates her time to a better community.

She has even developed a program for women who have fallen burden to the mallet of breast cancer. The unforgiving disease is such an ordeal pre and post medication and/or surgery. Martindale has personalized fitness and nutrition wellness programs for all varieties of effects from the disease. There are exercises that that will help women before they go into surgery, and exercises for their recovery.

Role model: Lora Erickson

Hometown: Grand Junction Colorado | Profession: Running Coach, owner of Blonde Runner Health, LLC

Why she’s an action figure:

For Erickson, it is a privilege to share her passion for health and fitness with others. She has especially loved coaching Team Blonde Runner — a triathlon women training group.

Erickson is a USATF certified running coach and personal trainer specializing in weight loss, corrective exercise and endurance training.

How she’s making Her Mark:

In addition to being a mother of four, she organizes two charity races every year for skin cancer prevention (Save Your Skin) and for Infant & Pregnancy Loss, to help grieving mothers who have lost little ones. She also teaches community classes on various health topics. Erickson says women need each other and there is no stronger T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) then women helping other women. Erickson finds joy in training, empowering and coaching women to achieve the healthy lifestyles already within them.

Role model: Jami Larson

Hometown:Salt Lake City | Profession:Yoga Instructor

Why she’s an action figure:

Diligent, passionate, intuitive, and dedicated, Larson will encourage your greatness to rise. She has dedicated the last 10 years of her professional life to educating and teaching students of all ages the art of living yoga. Her passion for human anatomy, and a deep reverence for the ancient tradition of Yoga have inspired students to make profound changes in their lives toward empowerment, authenticity, and peace.

How she’s making Her Mark:

Larson can be found teaching a variety of classes, private sessions, and workshops at Shiva’s Centre in Salt Lake City, UT. She is one of Utah’s leading Vinyasa Yoga Instructors and a Lululemon Ambassador (offering free classes through their showroom). She continues to give back to her community through hours of fundraisers and charitable events. Some of her most memorable include: Yogis Give Back, YMAD (Youth Making A Difference), Haiti Relief 2010, and the Yoga Aide Challenge.


Diligent, passionate, intuitive, and dedicated, Jami will encourage your greatness to rise. Jami brings insight and experience into the art of teaching Yoga. She has studied the behavior and anatomy of the physical body through her passion in body therapy, massage, and yoga, combined with a deep understanding of pranic consciousness since 2000. She is a leading certified Vinyasa Instructor through the Krishnamacharya Lineage.

She is known for bringing soul and movement to life with an infectious warmth and respect for sacred tradition. Weaving the art of living yoga with the fusion of sacred texts into each class as an opportunity for students to dive deep into the nectar of their Yoga Soul. The invitation to hold sacred space for personal transformation is observed as well as classical and innovative asana linked through the natural rhythm of breath. Classes with Jami are musically infused, sweat inducing, intelligent, and full of Bhakti.

She offers workshops, master classes, and retreats throughout the year as well as private instruction.

Jami has studied with several world renowned master teachers: Dhrama Mittra, Shiva Rea, Johnathon Fields and Lauren Hanna (co founders of Sonic Yoga NYC), Gerhard Schmidt and Kai Hitzer (Kalarippayat), Desiree Rumbaugh, Seane Corn, and Baron Baptiste, and her current teachers: Shiva & Andrejs Gailis.

Role Model: Manuela Tavi-Hanson

Hometown:Rome Italy | Resident of: Salt Lake City, UT | Profession: Senior Account Manager, CITADEL Radio

Why she’s an action figure:

Manuela holds a full-time job and is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Stevens Henager College, while being supermom for three.

How she’s making Her Mark:

Manuela lectures and teaches Italian classes in her community and currently serves on the Italian Club of Salt Lake Board of Directors, while being active in several International non-profit organizations.She plans on continuing her education to benefit the global community and is committed to creating abundance and empowerment for underprivileged children.

Role Model: Gina Freels

Hometown: Edmond, OK | Resident of: Salt Lake City, UT | Profession: Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Educator

Why she’s an action figure:

Mom of two, wife and business woman all wrapped into one. For Gina, it’s about multi-tasking and working smart.

How she’s making Her Mark:

By educating and empowering others to live the life they dream of. Gina finds joy positively helping people with their health and financial wealth goals. It’s about living a life that’s fulfilling and helping others, while keeping her own life in balance.


Gina Freels has been married 22 years to the love of her life, Chris Freels. They have 2 children, Christopher 18 and Kaleigh 14. Gina grew up watching her father work hard to create the family oil & gas business, which would then lay the foundation for her own strong work ethic to make a difference in this world. After having children and working in the corporate world, she felt like there was more to life, beyond the 8-5 work day. It was then that she started thinking as entrepreneur and began her career in network marketing. After replacing a corporate income in a matter of 12 months, there was no turning back and she has now had the chance to positively influenced thousands of people with both their health and financial wealth goals. It's about living a life that's fulfilling and helping others, while keeping your own life in balance. it's about giving back & paying the blessings forward. Gina is currently the Spokesperson and founding member for www.trubeautyteam.com.

Role Model: Jennifer Hardman

Hometown: Park City, UT | Resident of: Park City, UT | Profession: Host and Producer for PCTV

Why she’s an action figure:

Jennifer is the host of Park City Television’s Mountain Morning Show, Mountain Weekend Show and Festival After Dark. Whether she is in the studio hosting, talking with celebs on the red carpet, filming in Moab or on the slopes she loves starting people’s day off on the right foot with all that Utah has to offer.

How she’s making Her Mark:

Jennifer also pursues her passion of teaching piano while finding time to help others. Last September she spent time abroad with Orphans in Uganda.

Motivational quote:

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer.


Jennifer received her degree at the University of Utah, studied abroad in Austraila and Siena, Italy.

Role Model: Amanda Moxley

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT | Resident of: Salt Lake City, UT | Profession: Body Transformation Coach

Why she’s an action figure:

Amanda has been described as a “life force.” She is a visionary with a deep inner wisdom for empowering women locally, nationally, and around the globe to love their bodies through food and inner work. By specializing in the psychological and emotional aspects of the weight loss journey, Amanda helps people struggling with poor body image, emotional eating and self sabotaging tendencies to transform their bodies into their divine design.

How she’s making Her Mark:

Amanda has mastered the work-life balance gracefully by being a healthy and fit mom, wife and a successful business woman. She started the “Hope Garden” at the Women’s House of Hope in Salt Lake City which provides organic produce and education for women and children. Through her work as a yoga teacher, Amanda has taught children and adolescents self-love, self acceptance and body confidence techniques in local schools. Her vision is to implement yoga and organic gardening into schools locally and then globally.

Favorite motivational quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” -Marianne Williamson


Amanda Moxley is a Body Transformation Expert and Coach who first transformed her own unhealthy relationship with food, body image and body size from a size 14 to a size 4 naturally and without going to extreme measures. Since her own healing transformation, Amanda is passionate about waking people up to the simplicity and abundance of healthy living and eating. Amanda has an international holistic health coaching practice, guiding her clients through her 7 Steps to Release the Fat that’s Holding You Back system. You can receive a free special report on these 7 steps at www.AmandaMoxley.com. Amanda is a board-certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, certified social worker (CSW) and an award-winning business owner. She is an avid world traveler, wife and mother.

Role Model: Autumn Spencer

Hometown: Pleasant Grove City | Profession: Salon & Spa Owner/Cosmetologist/Instructor | Website:www.seasonsalondayspa.com

Why she's an action figure:

Autumn is making a difference in Utah. Creating and growing one of the largest salon and day spas in Utah. Over 6000 sq ft Autumn's goal is precision and expertise. Having each client eager to return. Autumn has created a place of comfort and relaxation. Recently expanding to a full service tanning salon and fitness studio.

How she's making Her Mark:

Autumn opened Seasons Salon and Day Spa in September of 2005. Early in her career at the age of 21. Autumn has a passion, love, and drive for the industry and has really made a name for herself. Staffing over 35 ladies, Autumn works one on one with each of them insuring their growth and love for the company

Favorite motivational quote:

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail

Bio: Autumn graduated from Dallas Roberts Academy of Hair Design a mere seven years ago, and has already made a name for herself. Shortly after graduating Autumn began working in a salon in Pleasant Grove. She has dedicated herself to the beauty industry, providing designer hairstyles and specializing in current trends of color and highlighting. Seizing the opportunity to launch her own salon/spa. With the support of her family, and the inspiration of her grandmother (formally a beautician) Autumn decided to take the plunge and open her own business early in her career. Opening Seasons Salon and Day Spa in October of 2005.

Autumns grandmother passed away only five weeks after opening but she was able to see her complete one of their dreams. Autumn states "It is the best feeling to have completed such an immense accomplishment at my young age. Thank-you grandma for encouraging me in following our dreams and making them come true."

Autumn has created an atmosphere for Seasons Salon and Day Spa, of complete relaxation and client catering. It is a place of pampering and comfort. Warm lighting, soothing smells, and relaxing music make it a business that clients love. All services are delivered by expertly trained technicians who provide a magical experience of expertise and precision, which are unique and client oriented. Seasons has a warm, friendly, and caring staff that will create an experience to remember - one that will be worth repeating. Seasons provides professional services to existing clients as well as referrals, new clients and walk-ins.

Autumn expanded Seasons Salon and Day Spa 1900 sq feet in April 2010. Creating an environment of complete relaxation for all clients. The spa has grown to over 9 treatment rooms, a sanctuary relaxation room, women and mens changing locker rooms, and an Infrared sauna. With a warm Tuscan environment clients feel invited and welcome. Each spa service begins there pampering with an aroma therapy foot soak followed by the Infrared sauna.

Autumn's goal is to provide an experience for each client that is so outstanding it has them telling their friends and family. Autumns commodity is designer haircuts (women's, men’s and children), creative colors and weaves, texture and waves, and chemical straightening. Seasons is a full service salon and Spa offering hair and eyelash extensions, make-up application and permanent make-up, manicures and pedicures, full body waxing, full facial care, body scrubs and treatments, and last but not least massages. Visit Autumn and the Team at Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we hope to pamper you soon.

Role Model: Elizabeth Anderson

Hometown: Clovis, CA | Resident of: Alpine, UT | Profession: Certified Sports Nutritionist, owner of Elizabeth Anderson Fitness, LLC

Why she’s an action figure:

She has appeared on the cover of several fitness magazines and endorsed dozens of fitness products during her 10 years as a fitness champion and model. Amidst her full schedule, she manages to be a mother of four children and has been married to her husband for 18 years.

How she’s making Her Mark:

She has dedicated her time to working with individuals and teaching them how to love themselves and lose weight. After 10 years as a successful fitness model, Elizabeth realized that she was still critical of her own body. This realization led her to question “perfection,” and that if she hadn’t found it and learned to love her body, perhaps no one could. It was at this juncture that Elizabeth decided to get healthy from the inside-out. Elizabeth now shares her journey of self-love and has dedicated her life to inspiring others to do the same.

Article Reviewed: June 22, 2012
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